ETO Jobs on Yachts

So, you came here expecting an ETO Jobs List?

Here’s the thing.  We’re still working on the new website’s ETO jobs list.  So it might surprise you to hear we didn’t give it priority.  Please let us explain.

We always look towards our pre-registered candidates first.  Existing or aspiring ETOs and AV/IT Engineers we know and trust.  These are the best candidates we can quickly present to clients.

You CAN still view our current unfilled vacancies on our Facebook Page.  Although please remember, this is not the full picture.

So, please start speaking to us now.  Don’t wait for an interesting looking yacht job advert.  It’s probably already be too late!

Help Us Match You to ETO Jobs

Simply Email Us to begin building our relationship.

  • Send a suitable CV, having checked the requirements on our CV Advice page
  • Include copies of sea-going certificates
  • Attach any written references.

We look forward to hearing from you!