Maritime Labour Convention 2006

Just ETOs understands and complies with all requirements of Recruitments and Placement Services as set out in the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 regulations.  In addition we are certified as MLC compliant by the MCA.  Click here to see a copy of our MLC compliance certificate.

Our MLC2006 statements as a Recruitment and Placement Service (“Employment Agency”)

  • We carry out checks to verify the identity of Seafarers
  • We acknowledge a seafarer under the age of 16 cannot be employed to work onboard a ship and cannot be represented by Just ETOs Ltd
  • We check candidates have the necessary experience, training, qualifications and authorisations required to fill the position
  • We are insured to cover the Seafarer’s costs should a Shipowner not meet statutory and contractual obligations in the first 2 months of employment
  • We will not charge candidates fees for registration, recruitment or placement
  • We never use lists or other means to prevent or deter Seafarers from gaining employment for which they are qualified
  • We will check Shipowners have a System of Protection in place to prevent Seafarers becoming stranded in port
  • We ensure Seafarers do not incur any additional fees in relation to their employment.  Seafarers are only responsible for the costs of obtaining a national statutory medical certificate, the national seafarer’s book and a passport or other similar personal travel documents.  The costs of VISAs, however, shall be borne by the shipowner.

Our MLC2006 statements regarding Seafarer Employment Agreements (SEAs)

  • We will inform Seafarers of their rights and duties under the SEA prior to or in the process of Engagement
  • We ensure arrangements and sufficient time for Seafarers to examine the SEA before and after it is signed
  • We ensure arrangements are made for the Seafarer to retain a signed copy of the SEA
  • We will ensure a Seafarer’s SEA complies with the MLC and any other relevant legislation at the time of its acceptance

Important Advice for Seafarers signing on ships flying the Flag of a State which has NOT ratified the MLC

Complaints Procedures

  • Complaints about Just ETOs Ltd: We will promptly examine and respond to any complaint regarding our activities as an MLC compliant Recruitment and Placement Service (Employment Agency).  All complaints are logged in our Complaints Log and dealt with in line with our own Complaints Procedures.  Our aim is respond as fast as reasonably possible to any complaint. Please contact us through any means you prefer.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, please inform us as we must advise the MCA at this time.  You can also contact the MCA directly to make a complaint about Just ETOs Ltd by emailing
  • Seafarers onboard complaints procedures:  Although not related to our requirements as a Recruitment and Placement Service, any complaint about an internal matter on a Seafarer’s vessel can be raised through the onboard complaints procedures which the Seafarer should have access to a copy of.  Click here for The MLC guidelines for onboard complaints procedures.  If onboard procedures are exhausted and a Seafarer still wishes to uphold a complaint over an MLC regulated issue, again the MCA again regarding this matter by emailing