We’re pleased to announce our new training facility in Liverpool!

In a city with an abundant maritime heritage, it is sure to inspire visiting seafarers!

A key feature in choosing the new location was the office’s rooftop terrace.  A clear view of the south sky was needed for much of our satellite communications training.  Off course, its also a great space to take a break, or a beer after class!

Nearby there’s plenty of affordable accommodation, bars and restaurants.  The city is also easily accessible by car, train or air.

The build of the new training room systems is currently in progress.  These will mirror the systems also underway at our new USA academy.  Fort Lauderdale courses will begin running from October.

Read more about our training courses:

Yacht Entertainment Systems (AV & Control), Levels 1 & 2

Spectrum (Marine Satellite Communications and TV)

For further enquiries or booking, please email training@justetos.com