We have recently relocated our marine satellite communications training to the historic port city of Liverpool, UK.

Our new electronics training facility for crew was chosen to provide easy access for the seafaring community.  The new location allows us to deliver an enhanced training experience, with a lower overall cost to visiting crew.

The building drew our attention due to its unique rooftop terrace.  The clear view of the South sky makes it the perfect platform for some of the practical parts of the class.

The course gives existing and aspiring crew a good base knowledge of marine satellite communication and TV.  This is combined with operator training on equipment from the major VSAT and TVRO antenna manufacturers Intellian and Seatel.

We’re also proud to announce the course is now supported by our new partner, satellite communications company Applied Satellite Technology

AST Marine Networks are delighted to partner with Just ETOs in delivering the satellite communications segment of the course. Led by one of our senior VSAT engineers, we aim to provide crew members with the essential skills needed to troubleshoot any potential onboard satellite communication issues by understanding the fundamentals of SATCOMs and combining this knowledge with hands on experience of industry leading equipment

Chris Schonhut

Broadband Maritime Sales Manager, AST