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Course Content

  • Satellite communications: a brief history
  • Basic satellite communications theory
  • Hardware overview of marine VSAT antennas
  • Targeting and tracking satellites
  • Antenna Control Unit Operation
  • Modem and software operation
  • Satellite television theory
  • Footprints and finding channels
  • TV signal distribution throughout the vessel
  • Configuring common Sat TV receivers
  • Analysing signals with a spectrum analyser
  • Common maintenance and admin tasks
  • Common troubleshooting exercises

Includes new operator certification from Intellian!

Marine VSAT, TVRO and satellite television training

Spectrum : VSAT and Satellite Television Training for Crew

Just ETOs is very proud to announce another industry first with our new training course.  “Spectrum” is the only VSAT, TVRO and Sat TV crew training course with manufacturer certification!  This VSAT and Satellite TV training course covers a broad range of subjects.  The class is suitable for crew on-board all sizes of yachts, cruise ships and other passenger vessels.

Again, our focus is to deliver an overview of the most common tasks and knowledge.  Once more, we’ve selected some of the most common equipment there is.  Crucially, our training is also endorsed and certified by a major manufacture of marine antenna systems, Intellian.  Consequently, all crew that train with us can add the exact endorsements to their CV that employers are looking for.

However, unlike other courses, we don’t just cover the VSAT and TVRO equipment itself.  Because on-board a yacht or passenger vessel, more than that is required.  You also need good knowledge and experience with satellite television.  So we’ll teach you SAT TV from start to finish.  Hands on.  No other training course offers you all this.

Experienced industry-expert tutors will begin by teaching you the basic theory.  After this, you’ll be shown common operation and maintenance tasks.  We strongly believe in learning by doing.  Accordingly, we’ll give you assignments to complete to prove yourself.  We’ll also recreate some commonly encountered problems for you to resolve.  Perhaps we’ll throw you a curve ball, just like a yacht guest might!

Perfectly Located

So – why the Netherlands?  Why not in a major port, or in the UK?  Well, our training base location close to Amsterdam Schiphol airport is the main reason.  Due to the high number of cost effective-flights to Schiphol, we’re easy to get to.  Not just from Europe, but from the rest of the world too.  Likewise, we’re also within easy reach of many of the leading superyacht shipyards.  So new builds and vessels in refit can send crew to us easily too.

All About You!

Our company and courses are independently run, meaning we offer true impartiality in the industry.  We are not a provider of satellite communications airtime, or installer of equipment.  We have no bias towards any companies or products involved in the training course, or anywhere else in the industry.  Therefore, we are truly able to say our only agenda is your training.

2018 Course Schedule

26/03/18 – 28/03/18   Netherlands   £1000+VAT (20%)

23/04/18 – 25/04/18   Netherlands   £1000+VAT (20%)

11/06/18 – 13/06/18   Netherlands   £1000+VAT (20%)

This unique training course is exactly what crew need to learn the basics of satellite communications.  The focus on VSAT and satellite television creates better operators onboard passenger vessels and private yachts.

Scott Molloy

Managing Director, Just ETOs Ltd

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