Our AV training course for yacht crew has returned to the UK after our winter break.

Last week, we enjoyed the company of another great group, all of whom left with improved abilities to support yacht AV systems. 

We were also privileged to have Wilko Darger from CELLweaver as our guest speaker this time around.  The after-class discussion topic was cellular connectivity trends and technologies, before we headed to the fantastic Fazenda for dinner.

Available places remain on our April, May and June training dates.  You can read more about our Yacht AV & Control training course here.

Thank you for an excellent 5 day course! I’m on the way home feeling a bit sad it’s over. The training has been excellent, the amount of knowledge you guys have obtained over the years is clear as day, I’ve learned a great deal in a small amount of time.

It’s interesting how the course finished with the focus being on the importance of the room you’re going to be setting up a system in, as my first impression was the professionalism and atmosphere of the class room and I think I mentioned it a few times how cool it was!

I think it’s really nice how you interact with the course too, putting lunch on, inviting out for dinner etc. I feel the course flowed really nicely. There wasn’t anytime where I felt bored or feeling ‘strung out’… the regular breaks were perfect to absorb the information being presented, especially after the programming side of things!

Max Le Breton

Yacht Security Officer

Very well balanced and delivered for my requirements.

Rob Hutton

Chief Engineer

Just ETOs are a group of professional and friendly instructors who taught me a great deal in such a brief amount of time!  I would highly recommend this to anyone of all experience levels.  This isn’t just for ETOs, it’s for everyone.

Greg Partridge

Engineer / AV-IT

A very well structured course with a friendly atmosphere.  Course content was very reflective of real world scenarios.

Sam Evans