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Our Cyber Security and Social Engineering Guest Speakers

A cyber security guest speaker talk has drawn our training season to a close.  Yacht cyber security experts CDS Marine delivered an awareness talk for yacht crew.  Additionally, a talk by renowned Social Engineering expert Jenny Radcliffe followed.  Also known as “The People Hacker”, Jenny’s part further opened minds.

Besides cyber security, the subject of “human factors” was discussed. Moreover, it was instantly used by our visitors.  Because they made their own way to our office through three secure doors!  The talk was given to yacht crew following a day’s class.  However, they didn’t switch off for a second!  During this, crew gained awareness of common human and cyber security attack methods used.

Just ETOs Class Schedule

We are now closed for the summer season.  However, we will be back open early October.  Check future dates here.  You can also Contact Us for training questions or bookings.  May we wish you a safe and enjoyable season.  We will see you on the other side!

Cyber Security Yacht crew talk from CDS Marine
Yacht Cyber Security talk contributor Jenny Radcliffe aka The People Hacker

I believe it is crucial the industry wakes up to the reality of cyber security.   Because it stands to reason our yachts and people are legitimate targets for directed attacks.

Some say it is just hype.  Certainly, I do  see some hype around cyber security.  But the fact is the threats are constant and real.  For example, Just ETOs receives many malicious attempts daily.  Such attacks, by opportunists looking for easy targets, are worrying enough.  However, the risk of attacks directed towards our yachts and owners is deeply concerning.

Crucially, I believe yachting remains largely ignorant over cyber security.  Further more, we are behind other sectors in this area.  So we must work harder to understand and mitigate the risks.  Again, it seems that changing industry mind sets remains a big challenge.

Scott Molloy

Managing Director, Just ETOs Ltd