IP networks on marine installations are becoming so vast.  Why? Converged networking.  Whereas it used to be common place for numerous different systems to have their own distribution system, more and more it is the norm to connect and interconnect using the ship’s LAN.  The “computer network”, where mainly the office IT infrastructure (PCs, servers and printers) would be the main user of the LAN, is a thing of the past.  At some point the vast majority of systems onboard are already using the IP network.  Also, the amount of data we are dealing with is on an exponential curve upwards.

The marine environment is no different.  Where we have so many systems connecting and interconnecting to each other using the ship’s LAN.

Options for true 24*7 support are limited, expensive, and should not be needed for the most basic of issues.  Crew need training in IP systems.

We use marine-specific examples and system configurations to best-prepare crew for life onboard being responsible for IP systems.  

We also believe in training crew towards valuable certification.  Primarily, our training is focused on the world of IP networks and OSI model.  This theory part is not brand specific, and translates to all manufacturers.  But the likelihood is that your vessel has (at least) some Cisco infrastructure.  Or you will certainly encounter a vessel in the future that does.  So when we move onto the practical part, our students are working with the most commoin solution.  With this in mind, we also have Cisco certification in mind for the eventual goal for our students.  The training course structure and syllabus also has this in mind.  We will help make individual training plans during the week to assist those students who wish to aim for the certification.



I’m thrilled to expand our crew training courses to cover such an important discipline.  With the exponential move towards IP based networks onboard, it is often the case that even a medium sized superyacht can now have a small enterprise level network design and infrastructre.

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Scott Molloy

Managing DIrector, Just ETOs Ltd


Click the relevant day below to see summary of the topics that are covered

  • Brief history of networking
  • Introductory technical concepts
  • OSI model introduction
  • Marine Cabling and shielding 
  • Typical marine topologies


  • OSI Model continued
  • Troubleshooting using OSI model
  • VLANs
  • ACLs
  • ARP
  • IP Routing
  • Operating Cisco equipment using CLI
  • Troubleshooting exercises using OSI model
  • CLI operation of Cisco routers and switches
  • Q&A / assessment

2020 Spring Training Schedule

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